How we Serve Your Business

With Our IT, all of your technology needs are handled proactively, and reported to you in jargon-free language. In fact, most of our clients have seen cost savings in excess of Our IT's billings, here's how...


We analyze your individual needs, and current situation

Every business is different, and therefore requires a custom solution. Our IT will catalog your existing technology (desktops, laptop, networks, servers, firewalls, cloud services, phone, internet, etc.) as well as your current expenses - and make a custom recommendation.  

In this first step, we can usually cut your expenses in excess of our billings. We are pretty confident in that, and even more confident that we can support you in a professional and personal way.


We get to work

While every business is different, every business needs a few things alike. Bullet proof data backups, anti-virus, anti-malware (these two things are different, but you will not have to know the difference), solid support, and intelligent planning. 

In this second step, we streamline your network, roll out those cost saving initiatives for you, re-negotiate service contracts on your behalf, and fix any current problems.

Your network is our network, and we are going to make sure it never elevates your blood pressure again.


We plan for the future with you

More than simple maintenance, we come up with a plan for the future for you. Technology is going to keep advancing (we know, we're sorry, but we're here with you), and proceeding without a plan guarantees that you will have unexpected expenses that are higher than they should be. 

In this third step, we will develop a plan that will roll out hardware and software updates in a way that you can budget for, protects you from surprises and lowers your technology costs. 


We keep on top of I.T. for you

After cutting your expenses, fixing your problems, and establishing a plan for the future - we proactively monitor your technology, and are here to support you. 

We will send you a monthly report on your network, and what happened. Most problems that happen to our clients are resolved before they were ever aware that there was an issue. That said - we really like sending monthly reports that everything is going according to plan. 

When something does go wrong, you have a technician who you can call, who knows your business, and can resolve the issue quickly. This means you're not pacing around waiting for the Rent-a-Geek college kid to show up, take hours to fix the problem, and charge you an arm and a leg. 

We're here to serve you, and take a great deal of joy from providing far more value to you than expense. That's our model.