Listing of Services

Some specifics on what we do for you

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It almost goes without saying, but we handle your hardware needs. Desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, severs, etc - and since this is what we do full time, we pass the savings we get on to our clients.


We manage your software licenses and selections, to make sure you're getting what you paid for, and don't pay for more than you need. 


We will straighten out that cluttered back room with wires strewn about, and professionally maintain your network. We will maintain and secure your WiFi, switches, servers, your all important domain.


There are many cloud systems and services, enough to confuse anyone. We help you pick the ones that fit you best, and then keep them working for you. We handle the rest of the headaches, and ensure that whatever you use - it just works. 

Proactive Maintenance

When a computer breaks, you lose money. You lose money paying to fix it, paying an employee who cannot work, paying to recreate whatever work was lost, and whatever business was missed due to the downtime. 

This is why we proactively maintain and update your hardware. If something does go awry, we have all the notes to get your people back online in mere minutes.

Anti Virus and Anti MAlware

You know you need it. You know it needs to be regularly checked and perpetually monitored. We handle your anti-virus and anti-malware needs live, every day, proactively defending your business from the increasingly dangerous digital world. 

Asset listing and tracking

We will maintain and furnish a complete listing of your technology assets. This will help you plan your technology and understand what opportunities you can take advantage of. 


With a simple button press of the keyboard, your employees can access a knowledge base set up specifically for your business (not just about technology, but on how to handle day to day operations), or submit a question straight to us. 

We are here to help, and want the opportunity to help you. 


We will set up and install a VoIP system for you, and handle all the setup and training so you get the two things you want from your system - stability and drastically reduced costs, frequently as high as 70% of your current telecom provider.

BDR - Backup and Disaster REcovery

If you don't have your business backed up, you know you need to. We handle the whole process to prepare your business to handle accidentally deleted files, all the way up to catastrophes. Whether an employee accidentally lost a file, or a hurricane leveled your office - you're covered. 

Long term Planning

We work with you to develop a long term plan so you can minimize your technology expenses, and can accurately budget for your technology needs more than a year in advance.

REmote Access

When someone has a problem, they can call us or submit a ticket. We have remote access and monitoring for your technology allowing us to fix problems in minutes that traditionally took hours and costly site visits. Remote access is another tool to save you time and money, allowing us to serve you better. 

Standard Policies

We keep up with enterprise industry standards to ensure that you get the best policies and procedures, automatically pushed out across your network. From managing passwords to HR concerns, we have you covered before you know you need it.